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Our Company Culture

 Pivotal Point’s company culture is easily summarized by three words: Team, Integrity, Pride

We are a team of professionals with a shared vision and shared core values. Each member of our team consistently strives to perform at maximum capability to provide our clients the highest quality work. Like all successful teams, each member contributes her or his unique capabilities and efforts toward current roles. Like champions, our efforts start at the individual level and extend into mutual support, unified effort, and striving to continually improve and expand our capabilities. This enables many of our team to be prepared to assist other team members, even if the tasks that need to be performed are outside of one’s routine area of responsibility. This culture begins with our CEO and permeates throughout the company. 

Pivotal Point, LLC Corporate Values
  • Serve with credibility and integrity
  • Be a trusted and valued resource, and partner to our customers
  • Provide result-oriented solutions and do it effectively and efficiently
  • Instill professionalism and good work ethics daily
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect
  • Embrace responsibility, enjoy the process of solving problems and provide effective solutions and added value to our customer

These core values translate into tangible benefits to our customers in the form of an engaged and high-performing team.

Our Vision: Where Success Is Defined

At Pivotal Point, project completion is not our desired end-state, but our starting point. We define success as continually learning and improving from both our successes and set-backs. “It’s always done this way” is our call to action, to seek improvement and increase efficiency. Success is not a destination, but the journey we undertake, minute by minute, day by day, project by project, year by year.

A Pivotal Point is a crucial moment, event, or space. It is in a pivotal point where excellent leadership and resilience make the difference between success and failure. Our company culture, values, teamwork and resolve set those conditions for your success.

Our Mission: The Best of Professionals

Our mission is to provide the best professional services and support services to meet or exceed our clients’ needs throughout and beyond project completion. In doing so, we strive to build and strengthen professional relationships with our clients and our project partners, defining success along the way.

Strong Management

Team Pivotal Point provides a comprehensive management plan that integrates how we recruit, retain, and replace personnel that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We have a proven track record of project and program management resulting in strong performance.


We quickly and capably deliver a full range of services in support of all our clients’ requirements. Our engineering and IT experts strive to continuously improve their technical knowledge and share this knowledge with our clients.

Quality Solutions

Our quality assurance plan is reinforced by our commitment to quality and the contributions of being an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Our subject matter expertise in analyzing new and existing technology allows us to serve as a trusted adviser concerning customers’ requirements. Our strong project management delivers on-time or early, exceeding clients’ expectations. Our change management expertise helps us to establish new processes or improve our customers’ existing processes.

Best Value

Team Pivotal Point attracts and retains high-caliber personnel to staff all requested labor categories to meet our clients’ needs. Our strong management, high level of responsiveness, and commitment to quality create added value that is evident from day-one of any project through to its completion, and beyond.