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Information & Telecommunications Integration Systems

Pivotal Point’s provides integration of IT and telecommunications systems in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure Planning, Engineering & Operations
  • Cloud Transition and SharePoint Migration
    • Provide technical expertise on cloud cluster computing and cloud computing architectures
    • Optimize memory management identifying best ways to develop distributed cluster-enabled & graph processing algorithms
    • Data integration & migration, including mapping schemas, RDF translations, and defining domain specific ontologies,
    • Research, evaluate, and deploy advanced cloud computing systems and large data analytics
  • Data Center Inventory Management (DCIM)
  • Data Center Consolidation & Integration
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Pivotal Point has a team of engineers and subject matter experts (SME) to efficiently plan and execute your systems integration of IT and telecommunications requirements. Pivotal Point provides the necessary assessments to identify, discover, compile and validate current systems while supporting a development plan to support on going and ever-changing technology needs.

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