811 Lafayette Modernization Project

The 811 Lafayette Modernization Project

The 811 Lafayette Modernization Project renovated the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities located at 811 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington D.C. The project goal was to reduce the VA’s overall footprint in the Washington D.C. area by consolidating multiple departments into a centralized location. The project consisted of seven (7) floors of new office spaces for approximately 3,500 people (an average of 500 VA personnel and its contractors per floor). This work included constructing vertical and horizonal pathways capable of managing and accommodating approximately 900,000 feet of low-voltage cable. Pivotal Point provided:

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Logistic Support to include Project Management
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Construction of Telecommunications Closets
  • Cable Pathway Design and Construction
  • Cable Termination, Labeling, and Testing

The project began in April of 2016 and was completed in December of 2017, requiring 17,256 labor-hours. The scope of the work performed by Pivotal Point included:

  • Project Management
  • Cable Pathway Engineering and Design
  • Telecommunications Closet and Data Room Design
  • Construction of Telecommunication Closets
  • Horizontal and Vertical (Backbone) Pathway Construction and Cable Installation
  • End User Interface (EUI) Installation
  • Cable testing
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System Engineering, Design, and Construction

Construction of Ladder Rack and Cable Support Systems