Framatome expanded their operations to a second-floor addition to a building in Columbia, MD. Pivotal Point technicians constructed low-voltage cable pathways to house over 380 total cables. In addition, they installed 384 ports and jacks, 10 wireless access points (WAPs), and 350 feet of additional CAT6 (copper) cable. Pivotal Point technicians also constructed Framatome’s telecommunication closet infrastructure. The construction and installation included testing and labeling all cables, ports, jacks, and panels for connectivity, “noise”, and integrity.

Our Project Manager and Site Lead/Foreman communicated consistently with the General Contractor and other sub-contractors to adapt to design changes and scope creep as well as mitigate “noise” interference from other electrical systems. Design changes required our Site Lead to recommend modifications to pathway construction to deconflict potential interference with plumbing, HVAC, and fire suppression systems.
Completed Telecommunications Closet